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Peter023 November 30, 2011 10:08

Particle tracking without "Particle interaction with continuous phase"
Hello all,

I wonder, if I can track particles without any fluid field interactions and any other interactions in Fluent. Just like the particle was in vacuum and no fields would participate.

I have done some experiments, no fluid field was calculated and Particle Interaction With Continuous phase was disabled + initial mass + starting velocity. Particle material - Antracite diam. about 9.3e-08m, mass 5e-22kg, density 1kg/m3, starting velocity 100m/s.

Apparently, the particle starts from the defined point but slows down markedly after very short time- tens of interations (1e-10s time step size).

If there is no filed and no other interactions, the particle should continue on its journey, or am I wrong?

this behaviour would explain only presence of drag force of a gas defined by the drag force term still active and 0m/s velocity of the gas, so then there would be a strong damping effect...

Does anybody know how to turn off all the forces acting on the particle?:confused:


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