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doronzo March 1, 2012 17:19

help UDF for multiphase turbulence
Hi all

I'm relatively new in Fluent, please could someone help me in how to add additional terms into the Fluent equations?

My specific case is to add the interphase terms for k and epsilon of the k-epsilon dispersed turbulence model of Euler-Euler (multiphase) approach into the k-epsilon equations of the RNG k-epsilon model.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

Best regards

rr123 March 2, 2012 17:02

RNG model with higher order discretization

I think you need use UDFs for the problems. Check the UDF manual for the relevant macros. There are some example code too in the manual.

I have one question in this regard.
If I would lilke to use RNG model wih higher order discretization (for better results):
What would be the favourable options for such a choice for Pressure, Momentum, k and epsilon ? Should I just convert them ALL into 2nd order Upwind or is there some thumb rule ? Any feedback is appreciated.

PS: I am simulating a pipe bend.

Best regards,

Sixkillers March 2, 2012 18:20

To enable interphase k-eps source terms in your calculation you will have to use TUI (Fluent's command line). For now there isn't any option in GUI for it.
So, it is under:

Here is Fluent's manual chapter dealing with this topic. I hope that it is what you want.

doronzo March 2, 2012 22:40

that is probably when I use a multiphase model, but I'm using a dpm model, in which I want to take advantage from the ''real'' multiphase (as defined in fluent) by adding the interphase term I need in my RNG k-epsilon model, which is to be used in combination with a dpm model, and not adapted to a multiphase model (e.g. eulerian), but I don't know how to do it...........


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