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mlbontbs87 March 27, 2012 12:56

Simple data export question
I am completely new to UDF programming, or to C in general, so hopefully this question will be easy for someone more experienced.

I am trying to export the following data for each cell in my domain:
x,y,z position, u,v,w velocities, and a list of which cells border that cell.

Ansys told me I can use the F_C0 & C_C1 macros nested inside a c_face_loop macro to generate a list of the bordering cells. I inferred that I need to nest that in a loop across all cells.

I think exporting the position and velocity data should be easier.

With that all said, I am not sure how to incorporate any of this code into a udf macro. Does anyone know an easy way to do this, or at least a quick way to learn UDFs for Fluent?

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