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Kwiaci April 7, 2012 17:28

First UDF with temperature
Hello everyone!

I try to write an UDF which will be defining a temperature or heat flux profile on the front wall of my model. It would be ideally to use example UDF from manual wit necessary changes. I tried to do it on my own but nothing happens. Can you help me to change it? I know that I have to change "inlet_x_velocity" (name) for sth different and how to add additional conditions (convection etc.)?

#include "udf.h"

DEFINE_PROFILE(inlet_x_velocity, thread, index)
real x[ND_ND];
real y;
face_t f;

begin_f_loop(f, thread)
y = x[1];
F_PROFILE(f, thread, index) = 20. - y*y*20.;
end_f_loop(f, thread)

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