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kvloover April 23, 2012 17:21

Ansys Workbench Exported design points
Hi all,

I'm studying the influence of some parameters using the workbench design parameters.
I've exported my design points to be able to look at other parameters should they pop up without having to rerun my 10+ hr simulations. (individual measuring of the parameter would be even faster)

I however can only see the fluent output parameters in the individual design points. Is there a way I can let them be visible on the main project ?

On a different note, working without the exported option keeps failing:
My periodic boundary conditions keep bugging and resetting. Fluent fails to automaticly remake the boundaries periodic and gives incompatible mesh errors. (In the exported case I just have to individually open fluent and make them periodic again). Is there something I can do about this ?
(Exported cases aren't just running by themselves, so this would save some time for other studies)

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