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Modest Cat April 27, 2012 22:43

Flame propagation in turbulent premixed combustion-please help~
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Hi guys!

I am using the Zimont model to simulate flame propagation in an 2D case. Although the steady result is fine, the transient one seems irrational.

In steady case, I patched the whole zone with C=1, then a converged result showed the flame stayed near the inlet. Contour of T was also reasonable.(Picture 1)

Aiming to investigate the flame's propagation speed, I patched C=1 near the outlet, that was 2% of the whole zone. The flame did go up, slowly though, but the burnt products had a very low progress variable, like C=0.17!
(Picture 2)

There might be something wrong, because I set the critical rate of strain g<sub>cr</sub>=8000, which was suggested by Zimont for lean premixed combustion, while my equivalence ratio was 1.0.

So if you get any views about the g<sub>cr</sub> or transient premixed combustion, please help me.

Thanks in advance!

ChenZhan May 31, 2012 20:20

wait your help :premixed combustion in fluent
it is very nice to see a topic on the premixed combustion.i am doing the same work about premixed combustion.Well, a problem that how to set the boundary conditions,for example,how to set the equivalent ratio,choose the species of the mixture,and how to initiazation the field,often haunts me,can you help me? because when i enable the option of the premixed combustion model ,the mixture dialog box will disappear.what i can do.
best wishes!
good luck

Purushottam More October 21, 2015 13:23

premixed combustion
I am a newer in premixed combustion. When I use the FLUENT to modeling, I am confusing about the premixed combustion using Zimout model in FLUENT. I can't find where can I specify the mixture(methane-air) equivalence ratio or about the mixture materials.
Anyone knows how to solve it ? Please help me. Thanks in advance! This question is confusing me several days!
Best regards!

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