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CaroVandame May 3, 2012 18:47

Gambit mesh: tangent edges and high skewness
Hello everyone

I'm trying to mesh a bagless filter which looks like the one on the picture with hexahedral cells only.
At first my inlet was one volume and my "center piece" was another one. However, it creates a very small sliver at the connection, and meshing it leads to high skewness cells.

Here are my questions:
-is there an easy way to select a particular cell and refine it in one direction in Gambit?
-is this one case where using virtual geometries could help? I could create virtual faces that include both my sliver face and my central face, and mesh it easily, however, at the connections planes, how do I match the meshes?

Any idea/tip/... will be greatly appreciated, I'm quite new to Gambit!


LuckyTran May 3, 2012 21:51

Try posting in the meshing forum. This forum is for Fluent!

CaroVandame May 3, 2012 22:21

Sorry about that, just re-posted in the right forum, will delete this thread

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