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fadiga May 4, 2012 12:23

Porous Jump
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I am having some difficulty understanding the porous jump in 2D - at least the porous jump is what I believe I need...I am trying to simulate flow through a wind tunnel test section which has a partially inserted wire screen in it. I am at the moment simplifying to a 2D model, so I have something that looks like this (see attached scrnshot, flow right to left).

My problem is also with meshing and specifiying the BCs...I tried modelling the screen as a very thin face (so i gave it a thickness in Gambit of 1mm - that red line at the lower gith corner of the image is actually the thin face) -here I had problems when meshing, the faces were not connected properly, I also then tried connecting them, but failed aswell...I did this after reading another comment here that in 2D, it would be an idea to create the both sides (across which a porous jump exists) and then set the boundary condition to just one face...
Does anyone have experience modelling a similar feature ?

I feel I am missing out on a rly simple fix and idea...Can anyone enlighten?

Thanks alot!!

duri May 5, 2012 09:30

I think you are trying to over lap red face over the yellow. This is not possible you need to cut the yellow face and create the porous zone.

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