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Natalia Castro Naranjo May 14, 2012 10:32

Vehicle Simulation with Rotating Wheels
Good Morning to all.

I have been working on a rotating wheel vehicle simulation. First, I did some simulations of the whole vehicle without rotating wheels and they converged giving reasonable results. Then I just put the wheel to rotate in a free environment (without the wheel well) and again it converged and gave reasonable results.Anyways, when I try to join both things the simulation diverges.

I have tried to refine the mesh inside the wheel well (although I donīt know if it is still to coarse)and it hasnīt worked. I have even tried to simulate 1/4 of the car (just to check on convergence) but it still diverges.

I cut the wheel on its bottom a little bit to make the simulation more real. The body on the wake is just an aid for a mesh refinement. My mesh is no dynamic. I just put a condition in the wheel of a rotating wall which is congruent with a moving floor.

I would appreciate very much if someone could give me a hint.

Thank you very much,

Natalia Castro Naranjo May 14, 2012 10:39

Here is a link to visualize geometry.

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