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dnaneet May 14, 2012 14:58

Drawbacks of FLUENT if any-handling interfacial boundary conditions?
I was recently at a dissertation defense where one of the discussions on the side was the general dislike of FLUENT/ANSYS and how it handles interfacial balance (energy, mass, shear and normal stress jump conditions).

I was unfortunately not able to have a word with the members of this PhD granting committee and I looked around but didn't find any pertinent information.

As I have attempted to simulate Rayleigh-Benard convection in FLUENT and saw internal convective cells through the stream function option (i think.) during postprocessing and will attempt to simulate Marangoni Benard convection (by including the Marangoni effect via the surface tension gradient option as described here), ..

I was wondering if FLUENT doesn't quite "do" the VOF right? I apologize for the sophomoric sounding concern but I was wondering if anyone here could throw some light on this matter or even better, point me to papers/references that discuss this.


myty April 27, 2014 15:41

I am also in the same boat but before the defense. If you find some answers for this problem, could you please share with me. As i am seeing convection cells even without introducing any instability in rayleigh-benard convection in the FLUENT. Thanks

dnaneet April 27, 2014 16:07

Have found a journal publication that peripherally discusses the inefficacy of fluent for interfacial flows. Cannot fin it now!

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