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fevi84 May 15, 2012 15:13

multi-fluid VOF model
I want simulating the slug flow, this flow is composed of a Taylor bubble flowing in water with small bubbles dispersed. So i have three phases: first phase is liquid (water), secondary phase is the air in the Taylor bubble(for which i need reconstructing of the interface) and the last secondary phase is the air in the small bubble (dispersed in the liquid)

I'm using the Eulerian model with multi-fluid VOF explicit (Explict due to have available the geo-reconstruction method for interface)

Someone know how introduce the dispersed phase in the explicit Eulerian model using multi-fluid VOF available in the Fleunt 14 (I think that is available in Fluent 13 too)

Thank you!!

sfotovati September 6, 2013 16:28

Suppose your liquid phase is the secondary phase, go to Phases, select the secondary phase, and edit. on the properties, you can define the disperse properties.

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