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jpo May 16, 2012 13:34

Recent thoughts- Fluent on Linux vs Windows
Hello All,

I ran a search in the Fluent forum and found a number of older (2004-2006) threads comparing the performance of Fluent on Linux vs Windows OS

Has anyone tried comparing, say Ubuntu/Fedora Fluent run with the identical run on Windows 7? I am wondering, if everything else is equal, will Fluent be faster under either OS.

I can surely say that the latest version of Gambit under 32-bit XP was faster than the same version (but a 64-bit flavor) under Windows 7. Under windows 7, it takes time for Gambit menus to appear, buttons are "sticky" etc.

If anyone has experience please share

oborona May 17, 2012 06:20

I agree with you as to Gambit.

As to Fluent it worked faster on Server XP than on XP 32-bit. But it is not my own experience

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