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Jurek May 16, 2012 14:44

Diesel injection problem
Hi all,

i want to ask you for an advice for my problem with direct injection.
I have problem with setting injection. In fact i have injector with five nozzles with diameters 0.36 mm. Flow rate through one nozzle is 0.004 kg/s. Injection time is about 0,002758 s. Required value of injected fuel in chamber is approximately 2,535e-5 kg. I simulate for each nozzle new injection with different direction. My problem is that after injection when i click on reports - summary - all injections (5) i get a summary for injections and there total mass.
And this mass is about one order smaller as i need. I used this parameters:
injection type-solid-cone, number of particle streams-i dont know how many, because o dont know what does it mean, particle type-droplet, material - n-heptan. X,Y,Z positon-clear, diameter -??(0,36)??, temp-320K, start CA-336, stop CA-358, X,Y,Z axis-clear, velocity magnitude -???, cone angle - 5, radius - ??, total flow rate - 0,004.

For any advice thank you.

giantstp2 November 18, 2015 10:19

Hi Jurek!

I'm also facing the same problem. I can't figure out these parameteres, although i've gone through on Fluent User's Guide.

If someone has any advice, it will be appreciated.

Regards, Adam

poutivar June 16, 2017 06:05

Is somene still interested in diesel injection ??

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