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mulkanindonesia May 17, 2012 05:18

consfused to simulation water current turbin in fluent
Hi , somebody please help me todo my simulation
i have already do testing and experiment with my vertical axis water current turbine and i have got RPM (radius per minute).I want simulate the turbine in Fluent to know what exactly happen with the flow that trough the turbine.
i have already draw the turbine with gambit.
the problem is , i don't know how to put the RPM value to set the Boundary condition in fluent
i have alrady try to put the RPM ( i have got RPM value is 72 in 1 m/s velocity of river)into the blade ( initialize as wall) on Moving wall rotational and input the value. the result of the contour of velocity is really bad. there is a red (high velocity near blade,very thin) whereas the velocity inlet is slow ( 1 m/s).

and the second try somebody tell my to make a new volume such a tube as a place for blade include in that volume, and the RPM value take into the moving reference zone in cell zone menu (rorating) to that fluid in tube fluid.
and i change the wall that interaction between tube fluid zone and river zone into a interior. and the last i change the blade wall boundary condition into moving wall but i m not take any value to that. so i remain in zero.
and the result is still i dont understand.. from velocity vector i got the water come out from rotate water.

so somebody plizz help mee
sensei teacher who experts in this field
please tell me where my mistake
THANK A LOT:o:eek:

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