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ck3 May 17, 2012 15:46

Uregent LES model
I want to simulate flow over a wavy wall and I chose this case:

ated Turbulent Flow Over a Wavy Wall
DNS by Maaß and Schumann

First, I compared the following models of the commercial code ANSYS Fluent (K-E, RNG K-E and RSM) in 2 and 3D and I had good results.

Second, I have used unsteady
Realizable K-E (3D)
and I had good results too.

For the continuity of my work, I want to run a simulation with LES model to see the effect of wave amplitude (various range of the wave amplitude).

I have build a geometry with more grid density near the walls.

Can you help me run the LES model, knowing that this is the first time I use it.

Thank you in advance.

Far May 18, 2012 01:01

I am interested in this work too.

ck3 May 18, 2012 01:08

Thank you for your response, have you any tutorial obout LES method with Fluent please or any idea about my problem?

ck3 May 21, 2012 01:08

Any help please, it's very urgent.

Far May 24, 2012 12:51

Sorry I can't be of any help as I have no experience in this field. But I know some one who has recently done a simulation on cylinder with LES. I will try to forward his email id to you by tomorrow.

ck3 May 24, 2012 13:33

Thank you, I will wait patiently your message.

ck3 June 4, 2012 23:30

Dear Far,
I'm still waiting for your answer

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