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jwillie2000 May 21, 2012 11:19

Compressible flow solver in Fluent
Hi All,

I have a case where the flow is compressible due a small gap in the geometry where the velocity shuts up, with even the possiblity of a shock wave. It is air and i am wondering whether using the segregated solver with coupled pressure-velocity can do in Fluent? And what about the boundary condition at the inlet? Currently, i am using a velocity inlet but i am not getting the mass balance. The mass at the inlet is exaggerated. Plus using the density solver does not seem to be getting the velocity profile i expect. I know CFX would do a better job but we do not have a cfx license. Just wanted to know your thoughts? U think changing to a pressure inlet boundary would do?

Thanks! Jimmy

Far May 22, 2012 00:54


segregated solver with coupled pressure-velocity can do in Fluent
You can say this is the semi coupled solver as energy equation is solved in segregated manner.

Pressure based coupled solver is good at both incompressible and compressilble flows. So you should go for it.

jwillie2000 May 22, 2012 08:11

Hi Far, and thanks for your input. I am using the segregated solver with coupled velocity-pressure coupling. But the mass balance is not just working. The mass flow at the inlet has increased and that at the outlet is about the value i expect. For spatial discretization i am using the QUICK scheme. Any idea why this may be happpening? Theoretically, i expect the velocity after the duct to shoot up to about 670 m/s, which is quite high. I have a velocity inlet and a pressure outlet. Will be nice if you can comment. Thanks!


clgs.1903 May 22, 2012 10:35

Hi Jimmy,

The documentation states that velocity inlets should not be used for compressible flow, and to use mass flow inlets instead.

I was having a similar issue until I found this bit of information. Hope this helped!

jwillie2000 May 25, 2012 09:58

Hi Far,
Thanks for your input. I have it now with mass flow inlet and it is converging and the mass balance is kind of okay but only after running for long time. The question is with the energy equation. The residuals for temp keep fluctuating. They drop and then increase and yesterday for example i had a sudden jump and the solver crashed. I lower the under-relaxation factors and it is runnig again but has just starting going up again after being stable for a long time. The under-relaxation factor for the temp is now at 0.8. Have you had a similar problem?
Thanks! Jimmy

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