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ali hemmati May 23, 2012 13:12

Boundary condition problem

I am working on simulation of AC electric field in Fluent!
In absence of free charge in the medium, the governing equation for the electric potential is Laplace equation. The only difference between solving a scalar in the fluent and the electric potential is the boundary condition at the "Interfaces".

Here is the Q:
The boundary condition of electric field at the interfaces of media is not the same as the other scalars (UDSs). For scalars c_{1}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{1}}{\partial{n}} = c_{2}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{2}}{\partial{n}}. But for the potential it is a little more complicated:

a_{r1}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{r1}}{\partial{n}} + a_{i1}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{i1}}{\partial{}n} = a_{r2}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{r2}}{\partial{n}} + a_{i2}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{i2}}{\partial{n}}
b_{r1}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{r1}}{\partial{n}} + b_{i1}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{i1}}{\partial{}n} = b_{r2}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{r2}}{\partial{n}} + b_{i2}\frac{\partial{\phi}_{i2}}{\partial{n}}

Is there any way to change the boundary condition on the interfaces?
I know that Fluent 12. has the magnetohydrodynamic module, but I do not have access to it, unfortunately!

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