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batch_error May 24, 2012 08:20

Alias problem when starting FLUENT from command line

I'm having trouble starting FLUENT from the command line. Up until now I have been using the GUI, started through the launcher, which I had set using an alias of 'fluent':


alias fluent='/ansys_inc/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/launcher/lnamd64/launcher1'
Now all the help manuals say to start process with a batch file using (for example):


fluent -g 3ddp < myproblem_01_input.jou > myproblem_01_output.txt
So I removed the launcher alias, and tried:


*****@*******:/fluent/equiv/fluent -g 3d < rect20input
Now, of course, I get a 'command not found' error for fluent, so my question is to which file should I point the new alias of 'fluent'? The fluent/ directory has dozens of different executable files and I can't figure out which to use - I've reproduced the directory below.


*****@*******:/ansys_inc/v140/fluent> ls

bin  commonfiles14.0  contrib  fluent14.0.0  info  lib  lib3.0  license  utility

*****@*******:/ansys_inc/v140/fluent> ls bin

archive  lmgrd    lm_run      netscape.remote  place4.mpi        utility
fluent          fluent_sysinfo    lmhostid  lmstart    place1.mpi      place4.vmpi      videocmd
fluent_arch    lmcksum            lmremove  lmstat      place2.mpi      Read.Me
fluent_arch1.0  lmdown            lmreread  makeshared  place2.vmpi      sge_launcher.csh

*****@*******:/ansys_inc/v140/fluent> ls fluent14.0.0/

addons  client  cpropep  ic3m  isat      launcher  lnamd64    packages  src    vki
bin    cortex  gtpower  info  KINetics  lib      multiport  realgas  tgrid  wave

*****@*******:/ansys_inc/v140/fluent> ls fluent14.0.0/bin/


*****@*******:/ansys_inc/v140/fluent> ls fluent14.0.0/lnamd64/

2d    2ddp_host  2d_host  3d    3ddp_host  3d_host  syslib
2ddp  2ddp_node  2d_node  3ddp  3ddp_node  3d_node

*****@*******:/ansys_inc/v140/fluent> ls fluent14.0.0/lnamd64/3d

fluent.14.0.0  localize.h

*****@*******:/ansys_inc/v140/fluent> ls fluent14.0.0/lnamd64/3d_host

fluent.14.0.0  localize.h

For the curious, my batch input file is:



Thanks for any help!

[EDIT: My input file doesn't actually have all those asterisks, they appeared when I saved the post... not sure why, but they're all meant to be regular spaces.]

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