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erucalavera May 25, 2012 13:47

CFD Analysis of 2D Turbulent Pipe Flow
Hi, I'm a beginner level fluent user and i need to make some analysis' for my homework.

Geometry and mesh is done but I have some problems about Fluent. I need to make analysis of a pipe flow between 3000 -10000 Re number, and my fluids will be liquid water and antifreeze. I looked over fluent but can't find any spesific section for entering reynolds number, so i guess i'll have to calculate velocity from reynolds equation and that will be my inlet velocity number, right ? For example, my diameter is 0,2m and for Re=10000 and liquid water and after calculation, velocity is 0,01 m/s. Is this a normal value for a inlet velocity ?

Also i think i've arranged my variables correctly in boundary conditions and cell zone conditions, but do you have any tips that i should do in these settings ? Or some parts that i've to be careful ? Also in the velocity inlet section, what should my turbulent intensity value be ?

And i couldn't find antifreeze material in fluent material database, did i miss it or do i have to find it on internet and add it myself ?

P.S: Sorry about my English, it's not my native language and i may have done some mistakes :o

delaneyluke May 30, 2012 05:22

Hi Mert,
Yes you will have to calculate the velocity or mass flow rate and use either of those two as yout inlet BC.
Turbulent intensity can be between 5-10% for your Re number.
Antifreeze might not be there in the database, you might have to input the properties manually.


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