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vahidj May 28, 2012 01:43

how to visualize secondary flow velocity vectors?
Hi everyone,

I want to take secondary flow velocity vectors on a cross section of the domain in an inclined circular tube which is under uniform surface heat flux(laminar flow).

B.Cs in this modeling are as simple as the problem....uniform velocity inlet and constant surface heat flux.(boussinesq approach is used to model the mixed convection)

All I want is to see the velocity vectors of secondary flow on any cross section of the tube. can anybody help me?

sinatahmooresi July 16, 2015 11:50

secondary flow
These "secondary flow'' components are usually much smaller than the components in the flow direction and are difficult to see when the flow direction components are also visible. To easily view the normal flow components, you can turn on the In Plane option in the Vector Options panel. When this option is on, FLUENT will display only the vector components in the plane of the surface selected for display. If the selected surface is a cross-section of the flow domain, you will be displaying the components normal to the flow.

then you should set a large scale to take better resolution.
good lock

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