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emna June 1, 2012 12:43

magnetic field in a solid
hello everybody :)
Actually I have a serious problem with Fluent. I'm modeling a heat source in a magnetic material (solid) which depends on the magnetisation of the material, which is intrinsec property of the material but it doesn't exist in Fluent.
In fact, I have to append to each node the corresponding value of magnetisation. I don't know wether I really could do this with Fluent or not. So my question is how could I append to each node a variable that is not predefined in Fluent.
Pleeeeeeease help me It's reallu urgent!!!!!

emna June 4, 2012 06:17

how to set magnetic field in a solid
Hi everyone :-)
please would you help to solve my problem with Fluent , it's really complicated for me and I need your help so please help help help!!!
Actually as I(ve already mentioned in my previous message I need to simulate heat transfer between a ferromagnteic solid which heats spontaneously when sujected to a magnet and then transfers this heat to a fluid which flows within the pores. The problem is that I have a transient magnetic field that an array of 21 columns and I need to implement it in the solid matrix because the heat source generated within the solid is function of the magnetic field applied. I'm really stuck in this problem and I can't continue my project unless I find a solution to this problem.
I beg you could anyone help I'm really stuck in here :(((((

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