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Liquid774 June 4, 2012 15:37

Immersion Multiphase Heat Transfer
I want to explore modeling multiphase flows in Fluent to capture the benefits of immersion cooling electronics. I have read about the different types of multiphase models available, but I am still not sure where to start for this particular application. The end goal is to predict the temperatures of electronic components (for now a constant heat flux BC) in a boiling fluid - like a reservoir, not a microchannel. I am only interested in steady-state.

It seems like a mixture model or eulerian multiphase model would work fine for my application. Discrete phase and volume of fluid models seem to be common, but I don't think I need that level of granularity for the steady state studies I am thinking of, right? The only issue I can think of is heat transfer from a boiling plate.

I am trying to start examples but I want to make sure I'm on the right track. Can mixture and eulerian multiphase models capture steady state heat transfer accurately? I am also nervous about modeling nucleation on a boiling plate using these models. Does anyone have any experience doing this kind of study?

Thanks for the advice


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