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thess June 10, 2012 10:07

3D pipe flow :: how to create non uniform inlet profile.
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I've encountered serious problems with profiles in fluent. I've done the test case for 2D and it was straight forward.
The problem is with 3D and basically I have no idea how to approach to it.

I made 3D straight pipe model, and create periodic boundaries to obtain fully developed water flow throught it.

After performing calculations I simply wrote Inlet profile and then tried to read it in another (different) model.

However I'm not sure if I've done it right.

First of all - my inlet boundaries are as shown at Screenshot-2.png (if I choose to plot contours there are two boundaries - I'm not sure how it is reflected in the .prof file).

I've attached also two XY plots. Pprofile shows X_velocity plot at the boundary - which seems quite reasonable. Second one is the plot at created line across the Inlet - I wanted to check if it is sensible.

I wish i could attach .prof file for someone to check. I can sent it by email or pm though.

My inlet is mass flow inlet so I've tried to apply x,y,z velocity from profile as X,Y,Z component of Flow Direction but it didn't work. The profile is uniform except the roughness of the wall.
Maybe its becouse of Mass flow rate is defined as constant??
I tried to apply profile to the same model - before changing boundaries to periodic, to check if it is the mesh problem, but it didn't work either...

It seems to me that I'm making a mistake, or I don't understand how should I read profile correctly? (Orientation??)

I would really apreciate any help with this.

DFCortes May 30, 2014 02:43

Hi, I'm trying to do something similar, do you resolved it? Is a 3D velocity profile as an outlet solution of a simulation that I'm going to use it as inlet of another, but the solution on the second simulation loses the original profile form.

I really need a big help with this.


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