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j01234 June 14, 2012 14:11

Error reading mesh
Hello everybody,
Quick question: Should I be able to read a mesh file (.msh) constructed in ANSYS version 12.1 in later version Fluent 14.0?

I get the message:
Error: Invalid section id: xxx
Error Object: #f

Thank you!

fevi84 June 18, 2012 23:47

You can read the file .msh with any version of Fluent. The mesh can be constructed with another aplication, for example ICEM CFD ANSYS. But when is constructed with ICEM CFD the mesh should be exported to Fluent V6, of this manner any version of Fluent can read the file .msh

Is possible that there is an error in the mesh construction.

I think that when you say "constructed in ANSYS version 12.1", the mesh has been constructed in ICEM CFD. I don't use TGRID.

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