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dynamicmesh June 17, 2012 15:34

negative cell volume & sync point error
hello everyone, first of all i have to say i REALLY need help to be able to graduate in 8 days :)

first of all i have to say that i m trying to "swing" Aortic Leaflet inside for my project. when i tried to solve this in rough model, i handled it,solved it without negative cell volume error. but then, i had to make some changes for more real and detailed model. i am using a u/t profile for velocity @inlet. And using "substep" @transient structure part. i have no problem about time steps,end time etc. BUT the DYNAMIC MESH part is KILLING me. I am using smoothing and remeshing.On smoothing ,i am using diffusion method which is set by boundary-distance function and parameter #1. On remeshing, i use ONLY 2.5D, sizing function NOT on, and parameters were set even fewer than mesh scale info. and my size remeshing interval is 1. Also my dynamic mesh zones were set by as similar as parameters on remeshing, not more than mesh scale info.

Please help me to fix and work that problem...

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