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5超7 June 19, 2012 02:16

the question of non premixed combustion model in fluent
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hello everybody
I am now simulating the combustion of the diesel in the gasifier.Non premixed combustion model has been used in my case,but the result doesn't agree with the experiment. The simulation has showed that the mass fraction of CO2 is higher than that of CO.However,the experiment result is that the mass fraction of CO is higher than that of CO2.
The diesel is injected from the small cylinder,the oxygen is injected from the outside purple face,just as the pictuture 2 showed.The half of the gasifier is showed in the first picture.Note:there is only one nozzle in the gasifier in the first picture.The mass flow rate of oxygen is 0.00102917kg/s;the diesel's mass flow rate is 0.000467kg/s,the injection of diesel is solid-cone.
My senior fellow apprentice tells me that the thermal conditon of wall may be incorrect. I set the wall temperature to be 1200K.
What can I adjust my case next? I feel so confused. Please Help me! Thanks.

5超7 June 20, 2012 20:32

should I set the wall to be different temperature?

Amn.doc November 19, 2015 09:06

every one
I'm working on non premixed combustion using reactants flow such as : liquid Oxygen like oxidizer under high pressure and low temperature, then my problem how can I use my model affront the problem like that for example (DPM, EDM, Species & Transport ........... !!!),

keep in touch

thank you for every thing

kouroshbaizidi January 2, 2017 11:41

non-premixed of methane combustion
Hi everyone
I want modeling non-premixed Methane combustion in FLUENT!
I want to use my GRI-3 reaction
But the models Eddy dissipation , Eddy dissipstion concept which I choose

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