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macfly June 19, 2012 09:11

GAMBIT : "Pick all" command line?
Hi everyone,

Is there a command line for "Pick all" that I could use in a journal file?

I have a bunch of faces to connect in my geometry and, instead of looking for each face's name, it's way more simple to Pick all the faces and then Connect, Gambit automatically connects what is connectible. The Pick all manoeuver is available in the GUI, but how can I achieve this in a journal file?

macfly June 27, 2012 08:46

I found a way, for those who are interested : the command that does the job is 'listentity'.

For example, I create a cube and I want to mesh every edges without having to name them one by one:

volume create width 1 depth 1 height 1 brick
$alledges = listentity(t_ed)
edge mesh $alledges successive ratio1 1 size 0.01

and the available entities that can be used with 'listentity' are:
t_ed --> edges
t_fa --> faces
t_vo --> volumes

Good old Gambit...

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