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maherm June 19, 2012 09:44

melting PCM
I’m trying to investigate the melting process of phase change material (PCM) and the enhancement of heat transfer by using metal particles. However, I try to investigate the heat transfer enhancement in the model by mixing the PCM bulk. The particle size is in the order of nano-meter, so DMP is not suitable for this problem.
So as a summery we can say that “solid PCM with nano metal particles” transfer to “liquid PCM with also nano metal particle”, and no melting of metal is happened as melting point is high for metal.

One way of doing this is to change the thermal properties (density, k and Cp) of both “solid wax” and “liquid wax” depending upon concentration of metal particles. So I was thinking if there is other way to define the physical properties of the PCM with the particles by write c-code and use user defined function (USF).
Say “volumetric” concentration of metal is v per unit volume of mixture, so Cp will be,
Cp_mixture = Cp_wax*(1-v) + Cp_metal*v

I would be grateful if you can help me to write the C-code and defined it in Fluent.

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