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nikolaous June 19, 2012 14:45

fluent mpi
Hello guys,
I was wondering which are the required applications for executing fluent in parallel? I use linux, and more specifically fedora 16 version. Is it needed any specified version of mpi and where is it advisable to be installed? I'm asking this becasuse i use mpi through PETSc which isn't installed in a common folder for example usr/ ...
Thanks in advance for your help.

meangreen July 5, 2012 16:28


I have found that fluent runs pretty well in parallel out of the box as long as you have the correct licenses. You can not run a simulation on more than 4 processors with a serial license (you will be using 4 licenses). There is lots of stuff around the fluent website/documentation about what to do about compilers. With RHEL 6, fluent in parallel just ran out of the box for me.

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