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jorkolino June 20, 2012 18:10

How to import table into Fluent

I need to import field data into fluent. The data contains X, Y, Z coordinates of a variable and the values of the variable at these points. I want to use this variable as a source term, for example. Regards

jorkolino August 27, 2012 11:32

Update: Here is a method to use. Actually two, one of which should be more straightforward:
1. Use File-> Interpolate
2. Arange your data file in a format described in Fluent 6.3 chapter 4.13.2


An example of an interpolation file is shown below:

The format of the interpolation file is as follows:

The first line is the interpolation file version. It is 1.0 for FLUENT 5 and 2.0 for FLUENT 6.
The second line is the dimension ( 2 or 3).
The third line is the total number of points.
The fourth line is the total number of fields (temperature, pressure, etc.) included.
From line 5 is a list of field names. To see a complete list of the field names used by FLUENT, select the display/contours text command and view the available choices for contours of. The list depends on the models turned on.
Then comes a list of x , y , and (in 3D)  z coordinates for all the data points.
In the end is list of the field values at all the points in the same order as their names. The number of coordinate and field points should match the number given in line 3.

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