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ThinkQuick June 21, 2012 23:29

Periodic non-linear waves (solitons)
Hi all,

I am currently attempting to simulate periodic non-linear waves or solitons which travel forward of a 'ship' or object moving through water at near critical speeds. Instead of using a moving ship I have switched the frames of reference by using a stationary 'hull' and running the water at critical froude depth number. I am simulating in 2D for simplicity with the intent of switching to 3D in future simulations.

According to theory a wave will form at the bow of the ship and build until its velocity is larger than the ship itself, which will cause the wave to propagate ahead of the ship or upstream in this case. I am wondering if the standard boundary conditions in fluent would allow me to produce these types of waves? At the moment my simulation seems to produce one of these waves but then flatten out to a 'steady state' whilst not producing any more waves.

Simulation details:
  • VOF Method
  • k-epsilon turbulence model
  • Transient > Explicit
  • Pressure inlet and outlet with free surface level and velocity defined
  • Green-Gauss cell based PSIO solver with 1st order momentum and kinetic energy and HRIC volume fraction
Thanks in advance.

ThinkQuick July 5, 2012 21:03


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