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Krishna Sandeep June 22, 2012 02:39

VOF method- Fluid in a rotating Cylinder Problem
Hello friends,
I am new to Fluent and I need to simluate "Free surface of water in a rotating Tank". The tank is 1 m height and 0.3m dia. Water is upto a height of 0.75 m. The tank rotates at a speed of 10 rpm. I used an axisymmetric 2D mesh and I solved it the following way....
Solver - axisymmetric swirl and unsteady
Multiphase- VOF and scheme Implicit
Materials -Air and Water.
Here comes my trouble when initiating
I have defined a region with max(x) as 0.75 so that i can patch water in that region. SO while patching should I patch the pressure field in the region as p*g*h? If so how can I do that? And also I want to give swirl velocity to the patched water phase. How can I do that? Please reply. If u have simulated the problem and have obtained the parabolic profile please share the files....

Thank u :)

meangreen July 3, 2012 16:44

I don't know how to define the moving mesh, but for patching the liquid phase:
I define the zone in gambit, and then in fluent I patch the zone with correct fluid in the zone. Fluent should be able to calculate the rho*g*h itself.

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