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norger June 25, 2012 03:55

Transient temperature of a miller

I hope you can help me.

I have to simulate a miller which rotates with 25.000 rpm in an airchannel . This miller has a specific temperature, e.g. 800 K. The air around the miller has roomtemperature.
After the simulation I want to know how the temperature of the miller decreases by time and, therefore, I need some tips of you :).
The rotation is no problem. I simulated it but I do now know how the settings have to be set at a transient simulation.

I think:
General -> Time -> Transient
Energy Equation -> On
Viscous -> k-epsilon
miller -> material: steel, temperature 800 K, rotational speed: 25.000 rpm
airchannel -> velocity inlet: 0 m/s, temperature: 280 K
This is correct, isnīt it?

And now there are a few problems.
Which solution method should I use? Which convergence criterion? I read something about the surface monitor but do I need it for my problem?

Maybe somebody had a similar problem and can help me.

Thank you very very much for your answers!
You would help me a lot.

Best Greetings

norger June 27, 2012 01:04

Does nobody has an answer for my questions?

You would help me very much :)

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