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DanielBeck June 26, 2012 03:21

Dynamic meshing of self-acting seat valve, how to control mesh event times?
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Hello out there! Thank you for a great forum, I have already learned a lot by reading old threads in here. However I'm facing a problem which i cannot seem to find an answer to, so here goes my first post :):

I would like to model a reciprocating cylinder chamber, connected to a self-acting poppet valve.

To "close" and "open" the valve orifice for fluid flow, my initial try (found a description of a similar problem in the user guide) is to use sliding interfaces which is enabled/disabled at appropriate times when the valve are nearly closed. However, as the valve is self-acting (movement controlled by fluid forces), I do not a priori know the time where these sliding interfaces should be modified. I can modify the interfaces if I know the modification times, but this will depend on the simulation itself...

Is there some way to control these events using UDF? or can you suggest some other method for opening and closing the poppet valve gap?

Please see attached pictures for mesh topology and wanted movement of the mesh..

Thank you in advance!

- Daniel Beck

milkha February 17, 2015 13:36

self acting valve
Dear DanielBeck,
I also have same problem.In my geometry self-acting valve is there.If you have got solution for your problem of,how to specify user defined time for dynamic mesh events.


How to hook UDF for user defined dynamic mesh event time?

please help.Its very urgent.

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