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msth June 26, 2012 21:59

Parallel processing with FLUENT 13 and 14
I newly installed Fluent 14 but it is very slow in parallel processing.
I used Fluent 13 for running on a multicore processor but when I use same case/data files on FLUENT 14 take much longer cpu time on same processor. I run transient simulation and everything is same. Any idea what wrong is? thanks

villager July 4, 2012 05:01

Maybe it's some problem with mpi version or interconnect option you use? (in ansys14 by default - "mpi local parallel" instead of "mpi-hp")
Check latency between threads (cores) in 13 and 14 versions (in "parallel" menu).

msth July 12, 2012 14:52

You are right villager.
The mpi default version for Fluent14 is pcmpi but for Fluent13 is hp-mpi. Fluent14 doesn't have hp mpi. I checked other options for mpi in Fluernt14 but all give me much longer processing time. Does anybody know how to get hp-mpi in Fluent 14 or how to do to resolve this problem? I appreciate any help.

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