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GerardX89 June 27, 2012 09:45

Set inlet velocity and pressure in cavitational model
Hello people,

I want to set the BCs in my venturi tunnel set with a cavitational model.
my intial condition are:
V= 18 m/s
P0 = 39700 Pa

When I set the cavitational model I have to put at 0 the operating pressure so I cannot modify it.

I tried to use the pressure inlet.
I assumed that the:
gauge total pressure = total pressure
the supersonic/initial gauge pressure = static pressure

so using this formula: p_0 = p_s + 1/2 ro*v^2
p_0= total pressure
p_s= static pressure

I should find my static pressure and put those values in the inlet right?
But unfortunally in postprocessing I don't have in the inlet the velocity that I want or better that I thought I imposed.

Please help me


GerardX89 July 5, 2012 16:17

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your help.
here is the case and data file:

Ps: I just noticed that even if I change the supersonic/initial gauge pressure
the result doesn't change it's like fluent is not considering it.

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