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cogs1212 June 29, 2012 15:38

Capillary Flow in Porous (filter paper)
Hello everyone,

I have used fluent in the past but only simple steady state mixing problems.

My new problem is I would like to simulate fluid flow (water) in a porous material (filter paper).

Imagine a "dumbbell" shape microchannel in filter paper. The walls are solid and the channel is hydrophilic untreated paper. I would like to simulate placing a droplet on one of ends of the channel and see the wicking/velocity as it wicks down the channel.

This would just be the beginning. I would ultimately like to have two color fluids flow down a T channel and see how they "mix"/defuse down the length of the channel. The only force is capillary flow.

I am interested in the time it takes to reach the end. and the volumes traveled in more complex geometries.

This might not be possible. Just wanting some input.



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