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moloykb July 4, 2012 02:57

Modelling Drug eluting stents
Atherosclerosis is the most common arterial disease and is responsible for heart attacks and strokes. The insertion of a stent to the affected area can increase the lumen and act as a scaffold to hold the walls apart. The stent itself is essentially a small metal mesh tube and is inserted into the affected area on a balloon catheter, which is expanded and then removed, leaving the stent in place. However, this can provoke an inflammatory response which can lead to restenosis—the thickening over of the vessel wall. Drug-eluting stents are stents that are coated with a drug, often embedded in a polymer. The drug is released slowly, interrupting the smooth muscle cell cycle and thus their proliferation. This, in turn, can significantly reduce restenosis.
Now, my problem is that how to formulate the same in Fluent. Anybody working on this field please share the experience.

meangreen July 5, 2012 19:10

I would model the artery(ies) in gambit and create a zone in the region you would like to model the stent.

In fluent use eulerian modeling and make the stent zone a packed bed. Use a UDF to define the pressure drop through the stent over time (using Darcy's law or something). You will need to make assumptions on the amount of drug that dissolves from the stent, which will affect the pressure drop.

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