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manuels July 9, 2012 13:46

DPM Injection Material droplet

i want to use DPM-Model for spray simulation. If i select injection i cannot set droplet as material type, which i need? In the user guide they say that the material type Droplet can only be set by heat transfer processes. I can only chose for material type massless and inert. Does some have any idea how i can get droplet without using heat transfer process.
I need droplet as material type because i want to inject liquid water.
This is my first post. Can someone help me please? I will reciprocate to you if i can!:)


manuels July 11, 2012 03:44

Does anybody have any idea?

thuhangbk48 July 11, 2012 04:34


Originally Posted by manuels (Post 370751)
Does anybody have any idea?

you can choose the droplet option, then you choose any kinds of material in the up-down list. This material will appear on material window, you turn back material and setting and edit material as what you want (of couse, you do not change the name, you change only the physical properties)

Robb13 May 29, 2015 08:02

From the FLuent user guide:

The droplet type is available when heat transfer is being modeled and at least two chemical species are active or the nonpremixed or partially premixed combustion model is active.

So you just have to turn on the energy equation and enable species transport.

Tensian July 2, 2016 05:12

Robb is true. Just turn on species transport and you will be able to choose Droplet particles.

I am having another problem related to this. I need to inject water droplets and see how they evaporate. But under the droplet material I cannot choose water (in evaporating species I am able to select water vapor).

I wabt to solve the cooling of a metal piece using DPM. Continuous phase is fluid and disperse phase is water. So I guess my mixture under species transport is water+air and I will need to consider water droplets with water vaporu fromation (Evaporating species in DPM)

Any hint of what could be the reason of my problem? Why I cannot select water as droplet material in Injections tab?

Thanks in advance!

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