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hamid1 July 12, 2012 10:23


i am modeling two phase flow via vof, the problem is by increasing the mesh density the meniscous movement speed of the second phase decreases,
unfortunatly i can not increase the mesh density for my simulations,
any suggestion would be so much appreciated

hamid1 July 12, 2012 11:26

this is very urgent question, can anybody help me, even some clues ...

shuai_manlou July 13, 2012 07:37

what is the meaning of meniscous, I cannot figure it out in google ~

Jabba July 13, 2012 16:04


Originally Posted by shuai_manlou (Post 371289)
what is the meaning of meniscous, I cannot figure it out in google ~

Please, describe the problem in details, if possible.

kbaker July 16, 2012 16:24

What you meaning with mesh density? did you mean with it mesh quality as make it finer? what you tried to predict from your study?

hamid1 July 17, 2012 06:34

sorry guys for late reply, by meniscus i mean the movement and shape of interface the second phase during the time advancement ..
i could figure out, the solution is to be sure of convergence, so it is needed to give time to the simulation to iterate more per time step ...

kbaker July 18, 2012 15:41

What type of flow regime you working with? Did you want to plot history of your interface with time? Your question is vague furthermore weak english used in it.

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