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darang July 16, 2012 10:15

Importing and interpolating body force

I am trying to simulate the convection of a molten metal droplet levitated by electromagnetic (EM) forces. The fluid domain can be assumed to be spherical and I can use the 2-D axi-symmetic model (a half circle is modeled). What drives the convection is EM forces. I have estimated EM forces using a code written in Fortran which gives EM forces at predetermined coordinates as it follows:

x y Fx Fz
9.94E-06 0.000126 22.71614 -0.45222
2.96E-05 0.000123 13.15993 -3.36778
2.97E-05 0.000378 13.67216 -2.88034
4.85E-05 0.000117 12.76799 -8.49816
4.93E-05 0.000627 12.61314 -9.52568

These coordinates don't match the fluent mesh so EM forces should be interpolated.

I am new to Fluent and am trying to figure out how to import EM forces. It looks like I can use either Profile or UDF to import and interpolate EM forces but I do not know which of these I should go with or how to do.

I have some questions:
- In this case, should I go with Profile or UDF?
- I don't know how to use Profile or UDF. Could you provide me with an example (importing body force and interpolating the data)?

Thank you in advance!!!

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