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osamaghani July 18, 2012 23:43

Hello everyone!

I want to do aerodynamic shape optimization using fluent, design modeller,ICEM and matlab and an optimization code( I do not know what I will use..)

Basically my aim is to;

1. create/modify a part of geometry in Matlab..
2. attach geometry to the rest of the body in CAD software..I can use solidworks ...or design modeller(i think design modeller would be efficient)
3. generate mesh in ICEM
4. simulation in FLUENT
5. send to optimizer and go to 1...and repeat until optimized solution is obtained.

I have been using these software but do not know how to communicate..I can work with replay scripts in ICEM..

I would appreciate if anyone can help me in this regards


Marion July 19, 2012 04:48

If you want to use Fluent I think the simpler way is to use it within workbench (not sure it is the cheapest!).
Within workbench, you have design modeller + ansys meshing for the mesh, then Fluent and then the optimisation package is design explorer.
With the workbench project workflow it's pretty convenient as it does everything itself (be careful with the set up though - it cannot think for you ;-)), using different types of optimisation.
We have all these packages available where I work, but I don't know about other optimisation softwares.

osamaghani July 19, 2012 11:59

Hi Marion,
thanks for the reply.
Your suggestion makes sense to me but I am doing MASc research and I need more flexibility for geometry. I need to make some parts on my geometry in matlab by curves and surfaces. I can not use the dedicated CAD software for my complete geometry:( if you have any material available for design explorer..I would appreciate if you could share!

stefmascio February 26, 2013 10:36

I suggest you to try with IOSO Optimization software.
It works very well with Matlab or Fluent and it has really good optimization algorithms!

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