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vaio July 20, 2012 06:26

Error while running solution!!!
I'm trying to create fluid flow simulation through a typical inlet configuration(IC-Inlet Configuration) at supersonic speeds in fluent....i.e., @Mach 3.6.
I want to study about the formation of the shocks inside & outside of the IC.

I have modeled it in DM through workbench...then meshed it in mesher...and then trying to simulate flow in Fluent.
Everything goes fine untill 40-50 iteration on starting the calculation.
After that i'm facing the following error

"Workbench could not handle the event":confused::confused:

And by the way....i'm using HP-MPI parallel processing, which uses two processors.

Other information:

Problem setup:

General->Solver-> Type : Density-based
Velocity Formulation : Absolute
Time : Steady
2D Space : Planar
Gravity : (Disabled)

Models->Models-> Energy EQ : ON
Viscous : Inviscid

Materials->Fluid->Air-> Properties : Ideal gas

Boundary Conditions-> Farfield->Type : Pressure far-field [Guage Press: 101325pascals, Mach:3.6, Temp:288.16]

Ref. Values->Compute from-> : Farfield


solution Methods->Formulation : Implict
Fluxtype : Roe-FDS
Spatial Discre. : Gradient->Least Squares Cell based
Flow->2nd order upwind
Solution Controls->Courant Number : 5

Solution Initialize->standard method->Compute from:Farfield.

Run Calculation : iterations:500

These are the settings that i am using for my problem.
And for the last run, at 84th iteration i hav got the same error.

Actual error as displayed:

"Error: > (greater-than): invalid argument [2]: wrong type [not a number]
Error Object: 1.#inf

Error: WorkBench Error: Could not handle event: SolutionStatusUpdate
Error Object: #f"

someone....please help me in solving this problem.

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