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norger July 23, 2012 14:01

Problem with transient simulation

my problem is that my results do not change over the time and, therefore, I need you help :).

I have a hot rotating body in a room and I want to know how the temperature of the air in the room is influenced by the body over the time.

My settings are:
Energy - ON
Viscous - Realizable k-epsilon
body - rotating with 25.000 rpm
room - velocity inlet with 0 m/s

The interface between the solid body and the fluid (air in the room) is set as coupled.
The interior solid of the body gets a defined temperature (e.g. 970 K) in the cell zone boundaries.
At the boundary conditions, the room around the body gets a temperature of 295 K as the current value (at "New Input Parameter...") and maybe here is the mistake?

I hope you can help me and find my mistake.

Thank you for your efforts!


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