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Jorg July 25, 2012 10:08

Doubts about MRF model

I have a couple of questions about the MRF model available in fluent,

First, i do not understand why the rotational speed is specified for the rotating fluid domain and then the rotating wall, such as the blades of a VAWT for my case, are set to rotate at 0 rpm or rad/s relative to the adjacent cell zone, doesn't this means that the relative rotational speed between the blades and the fluid is zero? so the blades arenīt experiencing any fluid passing by at all...

in second place im currently working in a 3d simulation of a VAWT, a gorlov turbine to be more precise, my meshing strategy consists on enclosing the blades on a cylinder of fluid wich is rotating inside a bigger rectangular and stationary domain. As the hole cylinder is surrounded by the stationary fluid i'm not sure if the MRF model requires or even allows to set the top and bottom circular boundaries of the cylinder as interfaces.

Can anyone giveme any explanation about it?


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