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Joeyt July 26, 2012 15:36

Combustion Modeling in internal combustion engine
I am trying to run a 3D in-cylinder spark ignited combustion model of of an engine. I can run the model perfectly through a cycle with cold air, but when I introduce combustion with a premixed fuel model the solution diverges just a few time steps after spark ignition. I tried playing around with the underrelaxation factors, but it is still diverging at the same point. are there any tricks to addressing this type of situation that someone has dealt with before?


amitbdt143 May 23, 2013 07:57

Hi Joeyt,
Did U Solve your combustion problem successfully. Now I'm facing the problem as you mentioned above.


zcarral May 25, 2013 14:20

Try to refine the mesh, reduce the time step and incement the relaxation factors.

amitbdt143 May 26, 2013 05:30

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try it out.

Amit Kumar

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