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AmandaMBF July 26, 2012 20:52

Geometry Generation Fail
Good Night everyone,

I'm trying to do a fluid simulation over an Eppler 423 airfoil. I'm following this tutorial
I could generate the curve, the surface, the grid and the grid surface. But then I have to create two lines, one horizontal line dividing the grid in half and one vertical line dividing the grid in half. I can create the horizontal line but I cannot create the vertical line. When I try to generate the line by selecting the sketch and generating the curve I have the error: "Boolean operation failed".
Does anybody know how can I fix it?

Thank you

Marion July 27, 2012 02:02

Could you specify what software you are using?
It looks like your problem is more geometry/meshing related, therefore maybe you should post in the appropriate section of the forum to get an answer?

AmandaMBF July 27, 2012 07:45

Hello Marion,

Yes it is geometry related. I'm new on this forum so thanks, I'll post it in the apropriate forum.
By the way I'm using Ansys Workbench - Fluent to do the simulation and I'm creating the geometry there.

Thank you very much,


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