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SHAF Nehal July 31, 2012 15:41

Out of memory-Fluent
After completing the meshing and doing other treatment of my complex geometry I have started working with fluent soft. Now than after setting all the parameters whenever I Give the iteration command after some times (Even before starting the iteration) it returns me an out of memory error.Can Any one tell me what to do.

N.B. I have tried working on different PC's. Mine have a 3GB RAM and have tried it on my friends in a 4GB one.Do I need to increase the RAM or there is any other way without changing my RAM(it will be helpful for me).

ANT July 31, 2012 17:46

3 GB of RAM is just over how much you need to run Windows somewhat quickly... unless you're doing a simulation on 100,000 elements or something, you're not going to get anywhere with 3 GB of RAM. A 5-million element mesh will also gladly fill up over 16 GB of RAM, or close to 32 GB if you're using something like the coupled solver.

The out-of-RAM issue is likely presenting itself now because your RAM is being filled up, and you've probably set your windows page file to be a pre-set size (or you have almost no room left on your hard drive). FLUENT fills up the RAM, then starts swapping to hard drive (which slows things down tremendously...), and when there's no more room on the hard drive you get the error.

My advice would be to buy more RAM... a lot more.

Edit: It might also be a permissions issue? Maybe it's having trouble writing to the page file after the RAM is filled up?

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