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nenazarian August 6, 2012 13:43

TUI for zone fixed value

Does anyone know how to fix only one value in cell zone condition?
I used this command:
define/boundary-conditions/fluid/(zone name)/fixed-value

but the problem is you cant only fix temperature and leave the rest unchanged. enabling "fixed value" option will set velocity and other parameters as fixed too...

any suggestion?


ravipati August 6, 2012 15:01

You can turn on the fixed value in the cellzone conditions GUI. Then enter the value for the temperature and keep the remaining parameters as none.

nenazarian August 6, 2012 15:24

I am doing that right now but the whole point is to change it to TUI.
TUI command doesnt give u the "none" option in the list.

ravipati August 6, 2012 16:41

You can do it this way:

Use Profile for X Velocity (m/s) fixed? [yes]
Use UDF Profile for X Velocity (m/s) fixed? [yes] no
do this for 3 components and specify temperature as you wish.

nenazarian August 6, 2012 18:24

Thank you for your response

you are right.I tried this before but then it gives some error about the "profile" in initializing .. do you know how I can fix that too?

I appreciate your help

nenazarian August 6, 2012 18:42

This is what I get for initializing:

Error: interpolate_profile_field: thread 23: profile "" does not exist.

nenazarian August 7, 2012 14:13

I just got back from ANSYS

"This is a bug in FLUENT14.0 and is fixed in our next version FLUENT14.5, which will be released during Nov. time. .."

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