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ThinkQuick August 7, 2012 19:01

MPEG Animation - too fast!
Hi all,

I am attempting to save my animation file as an MPEG in ANSYS Fluent however the playback is extremely fast. I would like to play the animation in real time, however there does not seem to be an option to change the write speed.

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Turtle September 11, 2012 03:30

I have the exact same problem.
Seems like there is no easy way.
I'd check out that is suggested below:

NormalVector September 11, 2012 12:01

So you've generated an MPEG video file from Fluent and when you open and play back the video, it's too fast? If so, I have the same problem (but from generated .ppm files).

I got around it by opening up the video in Windows Live Movie Maker, which should be on your Windows machine or you can download for free, and scaling it to 0.5x speed or whatever is needed.

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